Fictional Twist on a Historical Time
Mudbound is a historical novel that takes place following World War II. It is an engaging story that contains racial prejudices, the struggle women feel to please the men in their lives, and the troubles faced by those working on farms. This story is told from different perspectives as it follows the various interactions between a couple, family, and workers on a farm. This novel is an interesting read because it ties in the historical struggle of African Americans with a fictional story of a family struggling to run a successful farm. It is difficult to put this book down as new conflicts arise, and the reader is on edge to discover what happens next. Jordan provides descriptive portions that allow the reader to understand what is going on and imagine the situation, but it isn't over-despcriptive to the point of boring the reader. This book is an overall enjoyable read with intriguing twists and a well-written story.

5 Stars
This is a dramatic story of life in Mississippi at the end of WWII. Returning veterans and racist Southerners collide in a rich, exciting and often romantic tale.

PRR Suggestion
In this sophisticated and complex first novel, Jordan sets her narrative in the rural Mississippi Delta in the immediate post-World War II period. The novel charts the evolution of Laura''s new life when she marries at a relatively late age and moves from her comfortable existence in Memphis (her father was a professor and she was an English teacher in a private school) to a rough Delta farm when her new husband decides to forgo his engineering profession to live out his dream of cultivating the soil. Laura contends with the lack of electricity, indoor plumbing, and accessible medical care for her two young daughters and the burden of having her racist and misogynous father-in-law living with the family. In a confident and moving tale, the author faultlessly portrays the values of the 1940s as she builds to a stunning conclusion. Winner of the 2006 Bellwether Prize awarded to books of conscience, social responsibility, and literary merit.

An Evergreen Library favorite!
The story of two families, one white, one black, in the Mississippi Delta immediately after the end of World War 2 - a story of racism like nothing I have read before. - KL

Excellent Book!
Jordan really captures the life and struggles of family, post-WWII. Civil rights and racism play a large role in this book, and the complexity of the characters keeps the book interesting and leaves you constantly guessing. I would highly recommend this book to advanced readers.