Heartrending and Touching
Based upon a true condition that existed in the South, Lisa Wingate's tale of criminal activities in acquiring, selling, and abusing children in an adoption setting is a distressing story. A family of river children is selected for their looks, taken from their parents, abused, neglected in an orphanage, and sold/placed in homes of wealthy patrons willing to believe the lies of the people placing the children. It's also a story of the children's fight to survive the ordeal and maintain connection when their world was ripped apart. It's very well crafted, and arouses deep sympathy as the reader searches through the painful history of the lives affected by the tragedy. Apparently this happened while politicians, and others turned a blind eye to the nightmare for a number of years, until laws caught up with it. FYI: You might want to read "A Note From the Author" at the end of the book before your read the story to see what the events were that she based this story on. Strangely enough, I came away with a sense of hope for adopted children. Knowing that sometimes the loving people you are being raised by might be just the perfect people for you.

Before we were yours
An excellent book. Hard to put it down. A great writer.

Before We Were Yours
Riveting, heart-wrenching and compelling read! Historical fiction based partly on the infamous Georgia Tann, who brokered children from the 1920s-1950s under the auspices of the Tennessee Children's Home Society. In this story, 5 of those children are stolen one night in 1939. The story is told through the first person of the oldest, then 12 year old Rill Foss. This story is very thought and prayer provoking and will break your heart.