catching fire
awesome! I love this series so much!

A strong sequel to an amazing book.
This book is an amazingly well-crafted story, and an amazing 2nd book. The genre, of course, is Science Fiction, as the story takes place in the depressing future. The characters we all know and love return, alongside new characters. Some of these new characters include Finnick Odair, Mags, Johanna Mason, and Beetee Latier. Of course, Katniss, Peeta, Haymitch, Cinna, and Effie return in this story. It is a really enjoyable experience seeing these characters interact with each other. These characters make the story both dark, but also bring a lighthearted comical essence to the story. The story at the beginning is as follows: The Hunger Games have passed, and it’s time for the Victory Tour, a tour halfway between Hunger Games to remind the districts of their lost tributes. The day before the tour, Katniss receives an unexpected guest, who tells her that the districts didn’t buy her “Romance” in the arena. So, during the tour Katniss must keep up the idea Peeta and her are in love. In District 11, things go south, to say the least. The plot unfolds from that point in District 11, and the Hunger Games return. This story is an intriguing one to read, and gives Catching Fire the title of a strong sequel to “The Hunger Games.” I would recommend this to anyone I met, even a random stranger.`

these books are really good. i read the first one and loved it! its better than the movie(s), and left me hanging on every word.

a love adventures

this book is awesome i would read dit all day long.i prefer the third series of hunger games but the movie really disappoints when the movie didnt includes important things the book has.